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Why Clean Grean?

Because a Healthy Work Space means Healthier People and a Healthier Planet.

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Why We're Special
Your Facility or Office

Green Cleaning allows us to provide a healthier environment for your employees, home, and your customers. But decreasing indoor pollutants and improving air quality -- And its our way of caring for you and our planet.


  • Decrease in environmental allergens

  • Overall cost savings 

  • Peace of mind 

Green Cleaning Products Matter

Our cleaning products are formulated to achieve maximum cleaning effectiveness while exceeding all environmental and safety requirements.


We use Green Seal certified cleaning chemicals for general purpose, restroom, glass, and carpet cleaning, or recommended products for those not covered by the Green standard, but do go beyond current industry specifications. As part of any Green clean program, we encourage and will facilitate an effective recycling effort — the collection of materials, separation of recyclables from non-recyclables, and the removal of both

Special Team

Special Training

Our fast, friendly and efficient team is well regarded in Southern California. Each team member receives mandatory training on proper green chemical usage to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. 

We consult with our suppliers to obtain the latest data on new technology regarding environmentally-friendly cleaning equipment. Two examples of responsible green cleaning are our walk-behind carpet extractors and floor scrubbers that reduce water consumption by 70% along with a corresponding reduction in chemical usage. 

We’ve developed a high level of standard cleaning techniques which employ methods specifically designed to maximize the benefits of the equipment and chemicals used in our green work processes. 

With support from industry groups and environmental organizations, we continue to offer expansive and comprehensive green solutions to clients and help to bring a safer building and workspace environment throughout California. 

Learn more about our incredible staff and how they can help you!

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